Brave Browser has made the Spotify user experience + UI more beautiful than win 11 desktop version of the app. Loom video comparison, 4 hours+ Extended version

This video is a temp video which is recorded for fun and also to check about the Quality and stability control of the loom recorder as it constantly uploads the recording to the cloud while the record is being still in progress…

If the Quality, stability, embedding works in an effective way then i will end up making the “Blocking youtube ads without usage of adblockers/brave shields/3rd party softwares video to be much longer using the manual way of blocking” This below video will also show you the performance of win 11 23h2 vm on win 8.1, boot times, batch files and much more.

if embed doesnt work, the native player should still work right ?

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  1. Hotfix for this issue
See details

Reopen closed tabs are not opening in Maximized window mode( For links opened via "open link in new window" , see the video)

  1. Brave Browser Architecture Cloning

Previously i cloned brave browser from win 8.1 to win 8.1 fresh install of New Desktop PC… Now i’ll do that cloning with Win 8.1 to Win 11 23H2 on VM which i created as you see on the above video… the goal is to make everything what was present on win 8.1 in win 11 23H2… this means restoring brave stats, history, download history, Extensions, Extensions saved settings with data, bookmarks, autofill address bar…etc

  1. Blocking Youtube ads without the usage of adblockers, Brave Shields or 3rd Party Softwares

  2. Auto Shutdown Task Assistant detailed thread
    I created this tiny batch file using the help of Bing AI where both of us worked together on setting this up…

worried about Brave Browser not having Auto shutdown feature? this will fix that issue for you… i mean like brave browser downloads page starts showing 57 minutes left for 1 file and 3 hours left for another file and its already very late night, you feel sleepy and you dont like pc running 24x7 as you want to extend its lifespan ? this will help… there is a huge difference between shutdown done via start menu and windows doing the cold shutdown on behalf of you… i will post a detailed explanation on that thread later while its ready… if you want to check out the animations, check the 1st 20 minutes of the above video, you will see the animations and interactions there…

Another Batch file which i made together with Bing AI. It’s called Network troubleshooter. This will be helpful if you’re facing random disconnection issues while using windows/brave as it will hard refresh your network settings
see animations below… you can also check animations on the above video while win 11 is being launched in vm

  1. Brave Browser 4k video playback on vm improvements and suggestions

if the posted videos is not playing, visit this link and play it from there… choose 1080p HD… they do not support 4k

again im depressed that brave is not willing to improve this community’s video player…8mb video file size limit making me to think we are still in 1999… i cannot accept what discourse says… its build for the future while it lacks offering a native video player… im trying to avoid uploading to yt and discourse/brave community not willing to do anything is not improving the situation…

anyways it seems like the community is not meant to be interactive by having the ability to do everything natively… so to see the video, you only have the option to view it by going to the loom website using the link given below at the end of previous reply

Managed to edit that Auto shutdown task assistant part of the video and fit it into the 8mb file size… here is the edit

however i do recommend checking the performance of vm in loom link which i have given in the 1st reply of this thread as it will have different animations and style due to it is win 11 23h2… Also its 4 hours long video… you’ll learn something new…

win 11 23h2 will not send you notification while you use this file just as in the same way how windows 8.1 sends cool and awesome balloon notifications as soon as changes are made to the system.