Brave browser has closed constantly without displaying error message


The Brave browser has closed constantly without displaying error message.
It simply closes without showing the reason!
I use Windows 10 Creators Edition V.1703 64 bit (15063483).
My antivirus is KIS 2017




Do you have any pinned tabs? Could you confirm if you see similar to this


I always use 17 open tabs, simultaneously!
In previous versions, these unexpected closures did not happen!
This happens in Full mode or in Standby mode.
I see no reason for this unexpected closure!



Could you confirm if you see something similar to what is mentioned in the github link?


Expected result:
App state should not change and all tabs should be restored

Is this an issue in the currently released version?
Yes. Previous versions did not happen these unexpected closures!

Can this issue be consistently reproduced?
No. I already tried to force the error!

The browser quits without displaying error messages like File -> Exit!
I’m sorry for my English, I speak Brazilian Portuguese.



In the last compilation of Brave, the problem did not manifest itself anymore!Capturar

Brave Closes Without Error Message When Clicking Desktop Notifications

The problem is back! In this last update, the browser shutdown problem returned with no error message! Simply close!!
This occurs when when you have a tab on and I get a message in Whats, the browser closes!


We have an issue logged for this:



I have been getting a lot of these crashes, I will close my whatsapp tab for now to see if it fixes it


My browser has crashed without clicking the notification even


My browser also closes constantly without error message. Has been doing this since latest update.
Windows 10 64 bit with all updates, Windows Defender anti-virus.
I have 2 pinned tabs…Gmail & Feedly.


@BigMeanie are you still experiencing this in the latest version (0.18.36)?




Started using it again after receiving your email yesterday…seems to be
working good now. I’ll let you know if it starts crashing again.

Greg F.


Thanks for letting us know @BigMeanie. Going to close this thread for now, please open a new one if it starts happening again so we can investigate further.


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