Brave Browser File Sharing(Drop) Feature

I think a feature like Opera Flow should be added. Because we need new things every day in the developing world. It started to be added gradually even in the Microsoft Edge Canary version. I think this Feature should come to Brave.

@Grau While I’m sure there are people here who know what you’re talking about, could you elaborate on it a bit more for people like me who haven’t a clue? When you’re talking about file sharing, I’m not sure how that’s done or who you’d be sharing with. Is it something that requires accounts or can be done without? Or are you referencing more of saving files or whatever via synced devices?

While a person could research the things you listed, it’s always helpful when can describe in more detail something you’re requesting.

Of course, first of all, I think there are two possibilities for this Drop event to happen. The first method is to include in SYNC, i.e. by adding to Sync, each of them must be recorded locally at the same time so that it can be accessed from anywhere with any sync device. The second method is to create an Account. I don’t think we can stay anonymous by creating an account. You can think of it like Google Accounts, iCloud, Outlook/Microsoft.

The basis of the drop is actually to store it somewhere. So File, Multilink etc. We can make transactions.