Brave Browser Doesn't Work with Bitchute



Downloaded Brave, only to find that it won’t let me stream videos on a site I use a lot, Bitchute.

Instead of just opening on video on there and watching, it makes me download the torrent. It is also impossible to access comments and everything else - I can’t like a video, for example.

How can this be fixed?



Hi @futurenations,

Thanks for reporting! Yes, it’s a known issue where Bitchute doesn’t work in Brave. I added your comment as +1 and you can track the progress in the link below:

Thank you,


I have got the same matter on peertube.

If I try to look a video on brave try to download it instead of display.
It’s not really cool.



If you use the development version it seems to work. At least for me.

What OS are you on?


I’m on Windows 10 but I use the Brace’s official version.