Brave browser doesn't show ads anymore!

My Brave browser doesn’t show ads anymore
Please tell me, what should I do? should i uninstall and reinstall?

Anyone have this problem like me?

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Hi, did u turned off/on ads?, turned off Focus on windows, if these doesn’t work i suggest u to copy this: brave://rewards-internals and paste it on bar, there is ur wallet payment ID coppy that and DM an moderator. I had the same isue


@Quangpham currently there are 3 types of ads

  • sponsored images – new tab page
  • notification ads – system notifications
  • inline content ads – brave news

are you not seeing any of these?

Hello, how do we DM a moderator? Thanks

Hi, U need to click on bar and type in an moderators (nick)name (I recomment matcches) Try to find him on an topic and Click on his icon there stands Message. Goodluck with it.

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No I am not< is thére any window to get there.? :cowboy_hat_face:

hi @hollyberryness, to send a dm click in the name of the receptor of your message

thank you, mattches has been in touch with me :slight_smile:

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Yes, I not seeing any types of ads.

I not seeing ad this few days

I not seeing ad, maybe from 2 months ago.

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who is moderator ? could you send me his nick name?

Mattches helped me out, maybe he can help u to

How can I see Mattches’s account ?

click on profile picture

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u should try to find him on an topic, by searching on bar

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Thank you Berke .
I found him , and send wallet payment ID. ( not get his reply. :slight_smile: )

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Thank you JohnDproof !

same problem sometimes happen with me