Brave browser does not work with latest pango and fontconfig [Arch Linux] [temporary solution]



Here is how thing happened. I tried to install brave many time before but did not think that was the problem of packages conflict.

1. Problem

My system is Arch Linux. Brave browser from AUR is 0.23.31-1. These are current packages having conflict with Brave:

  • fontconfig 2.13.0+10+g58f5285-1 (released at 08-Mar-2018)
  • pango 1.42.1-1 (released at 07-April-2018)

starting Brave returns libpango error and many fontconfig errors.

2. Temporary solution

Here is how i fix this conflict. Downgrade these packages to

  • fontconfig 2.12.6-1 (released at 21-Sep-2017)
  • pango 1.40.9-1 (released at 09-Aug-2017)


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