Brave browser does not display the live streaming charts completely [for stock market]

Please check the url with live streaming chart. The numbers at the right side of the chart do not appear properly in the Brave Browser. But they appear correctly in other browsers. The image is attached where the right hand side of the image do not show the numeric values correctly. This problem exists every time [I started using Brave from past few days ].
Expected result:
The following figure is from Chrome. where the numeric calibrations are clearly seen.

Reproduces how often:
This problem is consistently occurring on Brave. [I must say, I am using Brave only from past few days]

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):

Windows 10. Brave version must be latest. The image shows the version below

Additional Information:
We look forward to automatic update of the browser after correcting the problem.

@raghunath7 can you try with “Allow all device recognition” via Brave icon at URL bar and see if it can solve your issue.

@eljuno , No it did not solve the problem. After making this change and restarting browser, the problem still persists.

I’ve seen this issue a few times before – for this site and other similar stock/exchange sites that have detailed charts/graphs embedded. @eljuno’s suggestion should be the solution – it would be very strange if it wasn’t working for just you. On my end, I can see off the bat that Brave is blocking a Device Recognition attempt when landing on the site. AllowDevice Recognition resolves the issue as shown below:

This was tested on both macOS and Win10 systems.

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Mattches Thank you very much for your video. I repeated the same and found the problem was solved. Thank you so much again.