Brave Browser desktop incompatibility using kyberswap with metamask

Using Brave Browser I am trying to make trades using Kyberswap with metamask. I have downloaded metamask extension. I get an error message “error occured, I should be on Ethereum Mainnet network.” when I try to make a trade using kyberswap. I verified that metamask is on Ethereum Mainnet network, but i still get the error message.

I tried turning off Brave Shield and even tried disabling Brave rewards, but both did not allow me to use kyberswap to purchase BAT tokens on Kyberswap using Metamask.

I know Kyberswap works with Chrome browser using Metamask as I have used it many times, but this is my first time trying to trade on Kyberswap using the Brave Browser. So Metamask with Kyberswap on Chrome browser works fine, but not with brave browser.

I want to support the Brave community and I don’t want to download Chrome in order to make trades. Any insights will be helpful.

Hey there, I tried using the Metamask extension myself and never got it to work with some web applications, however, Brave does come with an integrated wallet that works flawlessly (for me at least) and from what it looks like, is based off of Metamask (built into the browser, rather then being an extension).

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