Brave Browser (Desktop) Doesn't Work Anymore


My Brave Browser app on Desktop does not open anymore. A blank window opens and then the app crashes and shuts down.

I have tried reinstalling Brave (the latest version), but the issue keeps reoccuring.

I am on a MacBook Pro using Mojave and I am running the latest version of Brave.

All my other apps work, e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. It is only Brave Browser that does not work.


Hrmm… I’m on the same OS and brave version as you but without your problem… You can try to run brave form terminal? Maybe there’ll be an error message or clue to what you’re seeing…

Thanks for your reply, running brave from terminal gives the following output:

[0124/] mach_vm_read(0x7ffee535a000, 0x2000): (os/kern) invalid address (1)

Bus error: 10


Saving session…

…copying shared history…

…saving history…truncating history files…


[Process completed]

Also, using the arguments --disable-brave-sync --disable-gpu did not fix it

I just used my Brave Browser on my phone and made it leave the sync chain connected to my Desktop Brave Browser. Still not working.

I would try uninstalling/deactivating my extensions but I don’t know how to do that from the terminal and I cannot load my Brave Browser to do it.

I solved this issue by entering Time Machine and reinstalling my MacOS to about 2 days ago. Brave is now working fine again. Not totally sure what went wrong but it might have been that I toggled the “Sync everything” slider into the on position in my Sync settings on Brave Desktop. My current Brave Desktop browser (the one that is now working again) has that setting toggled off. That might have been the key difference. But still not 100% sure.

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