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I restarted my computer and when I tried to launch Brave, all of my history, bookmarks, and apps were wiped clean. Is there any way to restore this?


Do you have any clean up software installed that you think might have caused this issue? Like CCleaner or Antimalware that comes packed with cleaner for better private browsing?? Just asking this so that you can avoid such problems from occuring in future :slight_smile:

P.S. Windows, MacOS or Linux?


Hi @reuben, @BOB-vagene brings up a good point, although I don’t imagine a cleaner would delete everything unless it was explicitly instructed to do so, or Brave data was labeled as malware.

If you can provide your Brave vesion ( About:brave) as well as what operating system you’re using I’d be happy to troubleshoot with you.


(Not related to the current topic but related to CCleaner)
I even asked this before. CCleaner is not cleaning Brave browser history as opposed to other browsers. Brave browser behave strangely in that sense. I had to use the browser settings to clean history.


@nellaiseemai, I believe I you’re referring to this post, which I also responded to. If you’ll recall - cccleaner may not be looking where Brave information is stored, as we store it in %AppData% [Windows]. You may be able to tell ccCleaner to check this path explicitly but I would recommend using Brave’s in-browser settings to clean/clear history.

As for your initial issue, we need to see if this data is actually erased or just not being detected by the browser. Try the following:

  1. Navigate to your AppData folder (in Windows search bar, type %AppData%, hit enter)
  2. Open the Brave folder located here
  3. In your Brave folder, scroll down/search for a file named session-store-1 and open it using a text editor of your choice
  4. You should see a long string of text/code that contains session data for your bookmarks, cookies, tabs, and other various preferences
  5. If you don’t see this folder or the session-store-1 file is blank, this may mean your data was erased and requires further troubleshooting steps

Reply back and let me know what you find!


Thanks for your detailed information. I really appreciate this.

cc @reuben


I had the same problem for months! Brave was in development though, so I didn’t ask here.

I eventually figured out that the brave updates were doing the data deletion. I should say that AFTER a brave update, the old data was gone. I don’t absolutely know the updates were the issue.

I gave up on brave, using it occasionally instead of all the time.

I use Linux (Xubuntu) 16.04 (although I just changed to Xubuntu 18.04).

At some point soon, I will test brave to see if the problem recurs.



Thank you for this! I was able to find the session-store-1 file and it is not wiped clean. How can I restore this session?

FYI - This is the very last line of the file: “lastConfirmedRecordTimestamp”:0},“cleanedOnShutdown”:true,“bookmarks”:{},“tabs”:[]}



Excellent! Makes sure you read/perform all of the following:

NOTE: If you have a wallet with funds and/or Brave Payments setup, you’ll also need to copy your ledger-state.json file and perform the steps below for both the Session-Store-1 file and the ledger-state.json file or you risk losing your wallet. Additionally, you can go to Settings-->Payments-->Gear Icon-->Backup Wallet and copy/store those keys to recover your wallet

  1. Open your Session-Store-1 file and copy its contents into the text editor of your choice (or duplicate the file itself)
  2. Uninstall and remove all Brave related files, you may want to try the “nuclear option” just to be safe
  3. Once removed, download and install the latest Brave release
  4. Once installed, navigate to your new Session-Store-1 folder and paste the contents of your old Session file into the new one (or replace the new one with the duplicate of your old, whichever route you went with)
  5. Restart the Browser if necessary (may be worth restarting your computer as well)

When you open Brave back up, most of your data should be restored. Some things, such as cookies, may not be fully restored, but most of the legwork will be taken care of with this process.

I know it’s not the most fun process to go through, but it should do the trick. If you have any trouble with the process, additional questions, or the process doesn’t work, please let me know and I’ll be happy to assist you in any way I can :slight_smile:


yeah been testing with , firefox beta is ok for and duckduckgo app with openvpn . Brave leaked ip with this site on the iphone. Alot is to do with webRTC and not been able to control it , under Andriod , firefox still allows you to use about;config to disable it
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