Brave browser crashing on startup

Description of the issue: Brave opens for a second on startup, then immediately closes. I cannot change any settings within Brave as it closes before I can.

How can this issue be reproduced? I have no idea what the cause is. I have not changed anything since last using Brave.

Brave Version:

Additional Information: Let me know whatever I need to supply to get this fixed.

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Same thing happens to my Brave browser. Researched and tried everything and nothing works. I am deleting Brave and going back to Chrome.

same here, brave simply crashes a few seconds after startup, the installer only launches brave again
i really need my tabs!

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I’ve exactly the same issue, it says brave didn’t shut down correctly with a restore button, but nothing works. After few clicks browser just crashes on its own.

Attached SS for referencePolish_20210809_163602082

I’ve tried reinstalling it but same issue.

Fortunately I’ve it synced with mobile version, so data is not lost.

Does disabling Hardware Acceleration via brave://settings/system resolve the issue?

For alternative solution

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Check the thread below:

I cannot unfortunately access the address bar to even put this in, due to it crashing too quickly. Is there another way to disable hardware acceleration?

I tried this method and while it did work for a while longer than previously, it went right back to crashing a few seconds after launching.

I ended up wiping it clean from my system and not just one component. And reinstalled it again. Got my data (bookmarks/passwords/extensions, etc) back with device sync.

Thank you for the link, zekecarter! The post by nivakis about going into the Local State file and manually changing the status for each Ad Block ID from true to false was the solution I needed. I didn’t realize this was a problem with Brave’s Ad Blocker but now I know. Thanks again.

Link to post:

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