Brave browser crashes when you try to create bookmarks folder

Brave not only crashes but shakes and trembles whenever I try to create a bookmarks folder. Browser freezes and cannot be shutdown. Had to restart Op sys. Been using Brave for years without any problems. Running Linux Xubuntu 22.04 on i7 8gig mem HP laptop. Had to purge Brave and go back to firefox which is running very fast now. Firefox slowness is what drove me to Brave but it seems Brave is getting worse and worse and is no longer competitive with firefox. I will re-install Brave and activate crash reporting in order to get this to the Brave team to fix…if possible. I prefer having two browsers as a matter of choice. Brave version latest at Feb, 15, 2024, Just try to create a bookmarks folder to reproduce problem. I expect an update to fix problem, Additional info: make the “template” writable. The so-called “template” for reporting problems is worthless because you can’t type into it. BTW:IT WOULD HELP IF ISSUES WERE LISTED WITH LATEST AT THE TOP NOT BOTTOM.

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