Brave browser closing

I’m still expiriensing his issue now more than ever. card was never enabled and i’m running latest version of the browser

I have the Brave home page completely disabled and I’ve been experiencing this issue for weeks. Where should we submit log data?

@bmdelaune can you confirm your current Brave version?

Two most recent crash IDs:

  • 72990600-483e-2b09-0000-000000000000
  • 7ab30200-483e-2b09-0000-000000000000

Even with the homepage disabled, can you try enabling it, disabling the cards on the NTP, then test again and see if this makes any difference? Just trying to check and see if that is still the issue somehow.

Thanks for the suggestion. Tried it and just got another crash: d2570800-483e-2b09-0000-000000000000

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I’ve forwarded these crash reports to the necessary team members for review. Hope to have more information for you soon. Can you confirm what OS and Brave version you’re using?

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