Brave browser closes when closing a tab


I can’t close out just one tab. If I hit close on a open tab the whole browser closes. I now have 4 tabs open and can’t reduce the number of tabs because the whole browser will close.

Using on windows 10.


Hi @jenz

I think this issue might be what you are experiencing:



I have the same issue.

I was closing a few tabs, and after the third tab or so that I closed, the whole browser crashed. The tab in question was a page showing the information about Brave, e.g. ver. information, like ver. 0.16.9.

I reopened the browser and tried to close the same tab, but the browser closed again. I opened it again, right clicked on the tab, selected close, and just the tab closed. I cloned a tab and pressed the close x button, and just the tab closed.

Windows 10 Home ver. 1703.

My settings are set so that when I open the browser the tabs will open from where I left off.

I’ve added another +1 to the above Github issue.


Here is a related issue: about 5 times today, I have had to close and reopen the browser because clicking on other tabs won’t open them.

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