Brave Browser Closes immediately

Description of the issue:

Today I bought a usb wireless device for my desktop pc.There is internet connection and other browsers that im using is just fine.However brave browser closes immediately after the page loads.
Brave is my main browser and i would love to keep it like that.Since it closes immediately i cannot check the version.
I have read the other topics but i just wanted to open another topic for my case because it happened after hardware installation.

Is it a specific site that causes the browser to close or is it closing any time you visit a site (or is it closing right after being launched)?

Now it started working i dont know how.After I opened this case i closed my pc and didnt do anything.
Before I write here I have tried it after restarted my pc,closed my pc it did not fixed it now it runs normal.
About things that you ask i was tried it with two different tab and two different websites.Interesting really.

Thanks for updating.
Iā€™m going to leave this thread open for now just in case the issue occurs again.

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