Brave browser cant see meeting particpants in google meet

On Brave Version 1.59.124 Chromium: 118.0.5993.117 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I have a Google Meet, meeting every week and I STILL have this issue where I can’t see the participants. It has been like this for a while (link below to the original post of the issue)

I believe this issue, is a browser issue w/chrome or Brave.

This video worked on 10/5/23 and since hasn’t worked again, prior it has been issues as shown/described in the link below.

I did find out if i run blue stacks (a program on my pc that emulates an andrioid phone-galaxy s23), i am able to see the video particpants but i don’t like to use it because it bogs down the pc a lot making it slow.

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