Brave browser can not open certain web sites

I can not access using brave browser, while Tor, Mozzila, Chrome and even IE open the same web site without problems.

Is it a bug perhaps?

I just accessed RT, though there was an anti-DDOS checking screen for about a minute before it came up.

FWIW, I’m in the USA, have AT&T (the old phone company) for an ISP, and I’m not using a VPN right now.

@MPusername ,

@MPusername It works fine for me as well, as you can see from the screenshot below.

What I’d suggest is opening in New Private Window and see if you have any issues there. If not, then it tells us one of your extensions is likely causing a problem.

If New Private Window doesn’t work, go to hamburger menu in top right and Create New Profile. Test it there, see if it works. If it does, then seems either an issue with Cookies or is something in your settings.

It just does not work. All other browsers can open the site.

I just installed it, without any extensions or add-ons. It is out of the box, and it does not work.

Interesting. I guess it’s just trying to figure out why you and not others. So there’s “something more” to it than just Brave. It’s now the question of figuring out the specifics.

Ooh, it’s a server issue. So I just had gone back and I encountered what you said.

Then I tested on Chrome and saw it opened up. Closed Chrome, went back to Brave and then opened it up and it loaded right away.

I’m not sure what’s going on with it honestly, but I do see now it might be intermittent issues. They do have a DDOS filter on their site and, who knows, maybe a lot of people are still hitting it hard.

Wish I had more of an answer for you, but now I’m not sure what to say on it.

Ok, if that is the server issue, why other browser are not affected?

It’s been going on for a while now, different browsers. There was a Reddit post too, but you know how some of these places are on censorship, so original post is kind of gone but there’s a couple comments anyway.

And if you look at you’ll see that there’s been a lot of different reports of issues.

Also was discussion of it like 16 days ago,

But then most importantly, there’s

Hacker Group Anonymous Vows to Disrupt Russia’s Internet — RT Websites Become ‘Subject of Massive DDoS Attacks’

So it’s all roll of the dice. Many of us were able to connect. You’re saying you aren’t. It’s awkward and maybe there’s something else connecting the dot there. But I just was able to pull up again with absolutely no issues. I’m not saying there might not be some other issue at play, but it’s just a lot of little things going on. Hard issue is majority of us can access.

That said, it’s also been clear that has been taken offline a few times by DDOS and it’s still being targeted by various groups.

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Checked 3 days ago (used a New Private Window, with javascripts blocked, and cross-site cookies blocked):

Brave should clarify the reason of RT (Russia Today) removal from News Feed Sources - #8 by 289wk

Same status.

I tried to access using ancient Arachne web browser for DOS 6.22, and it also works. Javascript is bit twichy, had to import Javascript module, but it opens the web site.

@MPusername ,

You can learn by studying the Developer Tools > Network [tool].

Using Brave Browser, Open a New Window. Open Developer Tools. The Developer Tools display, works for that New Window.

With Shields Up, visit a certain website. Observe the Developer Tools > Network traffic.

With Shields Down, visit the same, certain website. Observe the Developer Tools > Network traffic.

Make notes of the difference in traffic, for the two Shields conditions.

Repeat the two tests, but for each, also test Cookies being Allowed / Denied. And, test Javascripts being Allowed / Denied. There are several combinations of your Brave Browser Settings, to test:

  • Brave Shields Up / Down
  • Cookies (sources) Allow / Deny
  • Scripts (sources) Allow / Deny
  • Arrays of Enabled / Disabled Extensions
  • Use of the browser’s “New Window” / “New Private Window” / “New Private Window with TOR”

What you can learn, is that the website has its own ideas, on what to send to your Internet browser, based upon info and feedback that your Internet browser sends to the website.

And, what your Internet browser sends to, and feeds back to the website, depends upon the arrangement(s) of your Internet browser settings (and other info that the website detects re your browser, your computing device, your location).

Your research will lead you to understanding the arrangment of Settings that you need, to view a website, and possibly use the website’s services.

Basically, Brave Browser has its own instrument panel with several switches. Given that, with research, study, and testing . . . you often times, can figure out what adjustments and info will set the Brave Browser instrument panel arrangment, to a working order for a website.

Just tried it, and it’s up for me with no need to jump through hoops.
In the USA and no VPN.

Numerous cookies blocked, but so too it would be for any American news site.

See, I am not beta tester. With shields down, I still receive 403 error code. With new private window with TOR, no response whatsoever.

I can open the with TOR without any problems, and any other browser opens the web site.

So, it is some kind of bug.

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