Brave browser bug report

When you use the updated version of the brave browser you get i blank page and the home page that you would like to save doesn’t work. plus the installer is broken . It says this program may harm your computer.

Thanks for reading this

I’m also noticing too that I’m having to on several occasions refresh the page to load the page properly. I would have badgered them about it but they also use the browser so they have be experiencing the same issue.
That being said, when the freezing occurs for you is it when you right-click for it to appear on another tab for later viewing or is it primarily that one site that always, even when directing to it from one tab that the issue persists?

I quite like the fact the little closure x on each tabs disappears, it’s unique from the other browsers and you also get to view a bit more of the title:) Plus, correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t all the little Xs on all browser tabs on the right hand side of each tab?

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this error is all the time since that did this update . someone needs to fix these bug

This is what i see when you first use brave after the update

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