Brave Browser/ Brave Wallet are causing CPU/Memory overload when in use

Problem: When the Brave Wallet is in use ( wallet unlocked and in use with defi platforms, or just using it in the browser) system resources such as CPU and Memory are getting overloaded…taking up to 60%+ of CPU resources for example for sustained periods. I Have even clocked Brave taking up to 100% of system resources. I have tested this on multiple computers and isolated it to when the Brave wallet is in use by watching the system resources in the Task Manager “Processes” Tab.

Version 1.39.111, with WIndows 10

Here is just one example …only have Brave tab open…yet there are 12 Brave processes running taking up 60%+ of resources with this snapshot…it spiked up to 100 multiple times too.

Watch the system resources and you fan when you have your wallet unlocked and are trying to connect to defi sites like traderjoe, Yeti, Benqi etc.

I have one Brave browser tab open…

Not sure if it’s a Brave issue, just going by your screenshot its showing 90% CPU, but Brave is only using 13.1%. Given the amount of processes, 13.1 is pretty decent, but I would expect the cpu usage it to vary. Just seems something else is hogging your CPU

Btw, multiple processes is fine and expected, Brave like Chrome is a multiprocess, multithreaded application.

Think that was just a bad snap/delay. I posted a new one. Tested on multiple computers…it’s definitely something with Brave that’s kicking it into high gear. Didn’t have this issue before the update either.

If anyone is on Avalanche…go to Yeti Finance and connect your wallet and watch your CPU max out…

Regarding Yeti, add the following into brave://adblock. ##[data-testid="SnowfallCanvas"]

Then refresh the Yeti site. Does that help? @Walle

WIll give it a try…where do I actually type that in? Have overload issue with a almost every Avalanche defi site though…Yeti just seemed to be the worst.

With ##[data-testid="SnowfallCanvas"] in brave://adblock Just to show “Snow”. Note this impacts Chrome also, not strictly a Brave issue. I’ll see if I can reach out too Yeti

Good deal thanks! this where I put that line?

Correct. then refresh the Yeti Finance page, watch for cpu usage

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Didn’t seem to work. Did you actually try to enter the dap with your wallet? The app never loaded and this is what Brave was at in the task manager…

Erm, 768 Brave processes? can you close all tabs, and start Brave fresh. and then re-test Yeti

Yep that’s what I can’t figure out. That was a fresh start…complete reboot. The same thing is happening on my desktop computer too that runs windows 11

brave://settings/getStarted Just On startup Open the New Tab page .

So when Brave starts its just a new tab, and not every tab. Could also manually close every window, and every tab before restarting

Oh yeah… that is my setting that I’ve hard…reconfirmed just now. I was just saying the I closed down, rebooted, went back intro Brave, and that CPU usage/process count was what I was seeing.

I’ve only ever had one tab open through all of this.

Connected with Metamask via chrome it’s no problem:

Maybe a new profile is needed? But killing the Brave task via task manager. Then restart Brave.

Not sure…very frustrating though! It’s definitely triggered by the wallet being “live” aka as soon as I sign into my wallet…CPU resources start spiking. Guess I am surprised that nobody else has this issue? I am experiencing the same thing on my personal laptop, desktop, and work laptop.

Is there an easy way to go back to the previous version of Brave to see if I have the same issue? What would the steps be to downgrade?

Did some more testing…it looks like the latest update has done something to trigger Malewarebytes and ESET node when Brave browser is spun up and the wallet is signed into. Realize this might not be a common situation, but makes the wallet difficult for me to use and I’ve been a fan!


You might use:

  • Brave Browser > Task Manager (BB TM) (compare PID with WTM)

  • Windows Task Manager (WTM) (compare PID with BB TM)

  • Brave Browser > Developer Tools

  • Windows Event Viewer

and discover more, re the Malwarebytes involvement, when you catalyze Brave Wallet.


  • using Malwarebytes but not ESET Nod32

  • using ESET Nod32 but not Malwarebytes

  • not using ESET Nod32 and not using Malwarebytes

Hamburger menu | More Tools | Task Manager

That will tell you which tab is taking up CPU.

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