Brave browser bookmark search from address bar is not correct

I’m using latest version of Brave.
I have many set the search bar to only show auto-complete results for my Bookmarks.
There are a few bookmarks that have the title that start with “Torr”, the results only show bookmarks with “torr” in the domain name :frowning:
The results are incomplete, doesn’t make any sense.

Is there a way to fix this? Maybe re-indexing the bookmarks - is that possible?

Please reopen this thread as it has not been solved.

Brave browser bookmark search from address bar is wonky

Thank you for reaching out to us. Just to confirm that I understand the behavior here — you’re only seeing bookmarks suggested when searching the address bar that have the search term present in the domain but not in the actual bookmarks title?

On my end, I’ve renamed a bookmark I have to ABL (stands for “Ad block lists”) in a bookmarks folder I have. If I type in Adblock in the address bar, I see the suggestion appear:

However, if I search ABL, I also see the suggestion appear (although note that it shows that the source of the bookmark has changed from the domain itself to the bookmarks folder it’s contained in):

What is working for you, is not working for me. I’ve taken a bunch of screenshots in hopes it helps.

Address bar suggestions…

2023-06-02 18_46_43-Settings - Brave

Searching in my bookmarks…

And I have this option “Improve search suggestions” disabled, in case you are trying to test with same settings.

So you are seeing your bookmarks appear when you search, just not all of them, is that correct? Because I also do not see all bookmarks that match a specific term when I search, I think the intention is to show the most used ones first unless the search term is altered to better match a different bookmark, if that makes sense.

So in your example, if you had typed torrents rather than torr, I imagine that the 1337x, KAtorrents and YIFY would have appeared as results.

@Mattches It looks like it’s a problem with Chromium (I think that’s what it’s called)
Reason being is that I imported all bookmarks/favorites to Microsoft Edge and it does the same thing when settings are configured the same way.
So, I guess it’s not a Brave issue, though perhaps it’s something Brave could improve (?).
Don’t know the limitations of the Brave code over Chromium.

Note, that this was just one random example, there are much worse ones, where I’m typing part of the address for a site that I visit many times per month and it does not appear in the list :frowning:

The way it is at the moment, I feel like I need to press Ctrl + Shift + O just to search my bookmarks. However, that window is also not optimised as it does not show the same info as the suggestions below the search bar… (bookmarks manager search results is missing the links, it only shows the titles!) … should I now just add the URL to all the titles? :-1:

Test - to show it’s broken

  • I bookmarked this site’s homepage
    2023-06-06 09_59_09-Bookmarks - Brave
    (Notice the site immediately appears in the Bookmarks Manager search results)

2023-06-06 09_59_32-Bookmarks - Brave
(Notice the site does not appear in the search bar results for the incomplete word)

2023-06-06 09_59_45-Bookmarks - Brave
(Notice the site does appear in the search bar results for the complete word
But, the other result seen above in the previous screenshot is not longer displayed!?)

PS: Why does it behave this way? Why is there such a low quantity limit to search results? Can we edit this behaviour?
I would like at least 10 results, for everything in my bookmarks that match my search.

I’m actually not entirely clear on how bookmarks are indexed and/or the lookup operation for them. I can forward this the team for more information and to suggest we make some improvements here but cannot guarantee it will be a "speedy’ consideration, even though I do think you make valid points.

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Yes please, thanks. :slight_smile:

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