Brave Browser auto-include Bug



There’s a bug within Brave browser that adds other people’s youtube channels from the playlist of youtube channels that are already exist in the list of sites to receive contributions. These sites are added even when the auto-include feature is turned off. For me, they were added despite never visiting them or even having the auto-include feature turned on. I initially was alarmed as I didn’t add these sites myself and my auto-include feature was turned off. However after I recognized where they came from I believed this appears to be a bug. Apparently Brave Browser takes in account the videos on a channel which may also include the playlist from that channel. As a result I believe this causes Brave browser to become confused and think that these channels should be added to the contribution list along with the channels that are already added (with permission). This is something that should be looked into.

The bug occurred when I opened up my Brave Browser. The sites were not listed before then.

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