Brave browser and beta browser on same phone

I was previously using only brave browser and I was getting around monthly 23 bat and
Now I have installed the brave beta browser also for testing the new features on first bases…
But I have noticed that I am getting less ads in brave browser now around 16bat monthly only…
Is it because I have installed 2 brave browser on same phone??
I was thinking both with be doing separate job and I can get more bat on the both browser…like I used to get 18-19 ads on single day but now I am getting only 9-10 ads…plzz tell me the solution
I was thinking I will get atleast 15-16 ads per day on both the browser(original and beta)
Plzz clarify my doubt…

Plzz help me admin I also having the same issue I need a clarification that if I use 3 phone and in every phone if I use brave browser and beta browser and use only single wifi network will the I get the same amount of ads in every phone (like 15-20)
Every phone need to be on unique network…?

Plzz admin I need help anyone plzz let me the know the answer for this

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