Brave Browser Affiliates program


Can we get the Brave Browser affiliates program rolled out soon? I would love the option to invite new users to the platform and be credited for it. An affiliate/referral program would also exponentially grow the Brave Browser community in a way where it would make the platform extremely popular. By giving an incentive for users to invite people to use the browser we would hear Brave talked about a lot more. Lets make it happen! :grin:
@sriram @nvonpentz

Brave Affiliate Program is now in service!

How can someone get their affiliate link ?


In order to get an affiliate link you must be a publisher with brave. After you become a publisher you can activate your affiliate link. If you’re already a publisher then an email should’ve been sent out about the program. Check your email or visit your dashboard.


Please see for info. :slight_smile:

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