Brave Browser Academy? Advanced Tutorials?

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First, I’m not a developer and am trying to become a more advanced user of the Brave Browser with a goal of eventually contributing to various developer goals. That said I am trying to expand my knowledge of how Brave Browser works and is supposed to work but have’nt had much success finding educational resources online to learn more about brave. I’ve seen alot of the basic user stuff and as just one example I’m trying to get a better understanding of the Brave Task Manager but haven’t had much luck finding any educational videos, or other content for that matter, that would allow a basic user to start learning more about how the Brave Browser functions. So can someone reading this point me in a direction to start learning more about Brave? Is there a Brave Browser academy or series of tutorials out there somewhere I can use to learn more? I’d even be willing to tip BAT in advance for lessons. Maybe other users might also be willing to tip BAT in advance for some advance Brave Browser Lessons and maybe some Brave Browser Guru might be willing to start making educational videos for being pre-rewarded with BAT. I don’t know, I’m just trying to learn more but end up spending more time searching for knowledge than obtaining knowledge and want some help to get to the knowledge I need.

Could you elaborate on what you’re trying to learn? Are you interested in learning programming, or are you interested exclusively in a deeper knowledge (becoming a power user) of Brave?

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Hi @sampson, Thanks for the reply and I want to start with just becoming a power user but may eventually find a need to learn more about programming to accomplish any particular goal that I may be trying to accomplish. I guess in simpler terms, I want to learn more about the Brave Browser as efficiently as possible and will try to learn whatever needs to known in order to get where I need to go. This motivation is driven greatly by my own belief that the Brave project is a project worth promoting because of the project’s core values and by my faith in Brandon Eich’s sincerity, and commitment, to the project’s values. That said, I might not ever become a coder but I’m not afraid to try to at least read and understand programming.

As for just one specific example to start, I have been playing with things related to the Brave task manager and want to start better understanding particular aspects of the Brave task manager. I can get to exact questions but ideally this topic was created to find out if there is a particular place where I can learn how to become a power user of the Brave Browser. I have seen a couple of those basic level educational Brave browser videos that orient someone to downloading and using Brave but haven’t found anything like a series of tutorials that go deeper and deeper into understanding how the Brave Browser does what it does. I did think while deciding to write this that a Brave Academy might serve the Brave project well by educating more people about the Brave Browser while simultaneously creating a community of academic colleagues that would quite likely serve to promote, and further, the goals of the Brave project. Anyways, I appreciate the reply so much that if I could have quickly clicked a send-a-BAT-tip-type-like button for your reply in this forum, I would have done so and should you reply after this post, any forthcoming reply will be appreciated if you choose to respond.

Thank you for the additional information. Regarding the Task Manager, we have inherited this from the Chromium project. As such, anything you read online about Chrome’s Task Manager is likely to be true for Brave’s Task Manager.

With regards to being a power-user of Brave, and the Brave-related ecosystem, I would encourage you to check out our FAQs and our Help Center. Read and digest that information, and you’ll be well on your way to being one of the most informed users on the Web :slightly_smiling_face:

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