Brave browser 1.4.2, Android, cannot access brave rewards

I’ve been on brave browser since the early betas, but I still cannot access brave rewards. I am getting the brave ads though. brave://rewards does a google search instead of accessing any rewards information

On Android, it’s chrome://rewards @coinzdude

I get this

What is your Brave version and OS? Did you have rooted device? Dis you install it from Play Store?

Brave 1.4.2, No root, stock Samsung Galaxy S9+, Android OS v9, installed from google play store. However… I’m afraid that because I had brave before play store, but then upgraded from play store, now I won’t be able to collect rewards for the months of viewing ads. Any chance to get the browser to start showing the rewards?

I’ve same problem with you since update cant acces brave rewards although my device never rooted

cc @Mattches @Serg @gsarvadnya on this

Keeping this alive to see if we can get to our funds

I installed brave to another android device, which prompted me with the triangle to setup brave rewards. I have not seen this on my phone which I’ve been using brave for some time. Hopefully this helps to figure out how to gain access to the wallet

It would be good to know where the advertisements that are popping up are committing funds on my device, and if I will ever be able to access them. I can run a test APK if that would help

Thanks for reaching out.
To clarify, you’re able to access Brave Rewards on one mobile device (android) but not the other (your Samsung Galaxy S9) is that correct?

Can you tell me the details of the device you’re using that is working?

Hi, @Mattches, Yes, that’s right, but I just want to share this to convey that real problem is on my stock S9. It seems that the issue might be because I have been running brave browser since early builds and somehow never got to enable the wallet creation, yet I’ve been seeing ads.

Can you tell me what you see when you go to Menu --> Brave Rewards?

Was this helpful? Any good news or something I can try?

What do you think? Can I get access to my rewards since April this year?

Can you download/run a SafteyNet check and see if your device passes it?

Looks good

Looks like you’ve run into a legit bug – nasty one even. We’ve opened an issue and have already start working on a fix. Hope to have more information and a pull request for you soon. I apolgoize for the inconvenience. Issue can be viewed here:

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Hello i have the same issue the only difference is that my safetynet result shows a fail on the CTS profile match. Phone is a Xiaomi redmi note 5 pro.