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Why am I asked to create a new wallet for my brave rewards when I reinstalled brave browser?

I entered my phrase code to import my wallet but my account balance is 0 BATS. What is the meaning of this?

Also, there is no place to login on Brave Brower. I had to search for Brave Community before I could even login now.

What is going on?

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Because everything is tied into your browser. When you uninstall, you throw everything away if you didn’t have a backup or have it synced to other devices.

Brave Wallet is not Brave Rewards. So unless you sent BAT to your Brave Wallet or you purchased it within Brave Wallet, it wouldn’t be there. If you were Unverified in your Rewards, then your BAT was kept as vBAT in your browser. When you uninstalled Brave, you would have thrown away any vBAT you had.

There never has been. Brave doesn’t have accounts like Google does. Or are you referring to something else?

Hmmmmm…This is seriously not good. I have just thrown away all the BATS i accumulated?

SMH…Well, no need to cry over a spilt milk i guess.

What is the way forward to prevent this from happening please?

If it wasn’t linked to Uphold or Gemini, correct. Only exception is if you’re on Desktop and you have an old backup of your \brave-browser folder, at which point it would have the vBAT remaining from then. But I’m guessing it’s unlikely you have that.

Not sure you’ll have to worry about this going forward. Next month, you no longer will be able to earn BAT for yourself unless you are connected to a custodial partner. vBAT is going away. You can read more on that at

it should be your (Brave) responsibility that it is not like that, after all they offer the stuff aka (Brave Browser) !!! :sweat_smile:

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