Brave breaking websites CSS or something, seems to happen to websites randomly

Description of the issue: Styling of websites break and sometimes the functionalities also break
How can this issue be reproduced? I don’t really know how, it seems to happen randomly to websites… Now it happened to Youtube for me, but there were also some websites that broke today (two json formatter websites) and other pages some days ago that I don’t remember… I’ll provide the steps I do to see the broken website:

  1. Go to YouTube’s homepage
  2. Click any channel to open the channel’s main page
  3. There it is, broken


  1. Go to this json formatter website or this other json formatter website
  2. Broken

Expected result: Not broken, with styles showing normally

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.36.119

Additional Information: Im attaching a screenshot of my Youtube page and the json formatter pages so you can see what happens.

I have the same issues on multiple website where emoji code or CSS is generally broken only on Brave:

This is getting seriously annoying since only Brave shows this broken behaviour (tested Firefox, Edge and Chrome, no problem there whatshowever)

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Since I don’t really know how the websites you showed are supposed to be, I can’t say for sure that I have the same issues, but I believe you since for me it only happens on Brave, I also tested other browsers and they work just fine

The last version of Brave are adding a css for class container.

injected stylesheet
.container {
background: rgb(255, 255, 255);
padding: 16px;
border-radius: 4px;


I have the same issue here, but when I open the same links in a private window css works fine.

Batman55, true.

Hope they remove this css ASAP.

Loaded and here without issue. are you testing with in a VPN or secure DNS enabled?

This is how appear on Brave (the worst of the bunch since its unusable):
edge-unrealsales brave-unrealsales

I have no VPN or DNS redirect enabled and all other browsers works just fine including Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi and Edge.

Any rules, or filters enabled in brave://adblock? @DeathUman

I had some but I removed them all and unchecked the two “EasyList” but even after rebooting the browser, still looks broken.

Okay, try clearing Cache in brave://settings/clearBrowserData if failing that does a new Brave profile help?

I solved it, it was this extension after all, my bad not spotting this first:

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@slyd1619 do you have LocalCDN extension installed?

@fanboynz No, I don’t. All my extensions were installed several months ago and never broke pages and stuff.
Also, I don’t use any VPNs or CDNs

My rules/filters at the adblock page. They’re all disabled except for the Portuguese one.

I’ve done absolutely nothing and, somehow, both JSON formatter websites are working again
But the Youtube channel problem is still happening

I had the same problem in youtube and facebook’s website. Apparently it’s a problem with extensions. In my case, it was occurring with Meliuz’s extension, try disabling all your extensions to filter which is causing the error.

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@arnxld Well, I do use Meliuz since it helps me save money and receive cashback, but it doesn’t interfere with Chrome, only Brave, why is that so? :thinking:

Anyway, i’ll leave it disabled for now since it solved my Youtube’s issue and is probably the extension breaking stuff…

But how do you guys know that the extensions are breaking stuff?

User reports, trial and error. I run most of my browsers with hardly any extensions (password manager). Less extensions the better.

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