Brave breaking website functions

I’ve been using Brave for about three years, and as time goes by I find that, without making any adjustments on my browser settings, certain things stop working on websites that worked fine just the day before and that still work fine in Firefox or Chrome. And I have no idea what Brave did in its update to make it stop working right with the website.

Case in point is signing in to Charles Schwab, At no point did I ever make any changes in Brave or in my Schwab account to prevent me from being able to log in, but when I enter the correct credentials, I get a spinning ball forever. When I go to the same page and log in with the exact same credentials, I get logged in immediately.

Another case in point is with the Airbnb messaging interface. For as long as I’ve been using Brave I’ve been using it predominately for logging into Airbnb and messaging with guests or their support staff. Now suddenly after updating Brave and, again, not making any changes with my Brave settings, I can no longer scroll down the Airbnb messaging page and the reply field is gone. And, again, when I log into that same page in Firefox, no problem.

I thought that maybe the issues are with uBlock Origin, which I have never changed any settings on, and which I also use in Firefox.

So where do I start to find what settings are in Brave that are default or that I made in the distant past to be causing certain website functions to break?

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