Brave Bookmarks Storage Location (Android)

Where does Brave store bookmarks on Android devices? What is the folder and file path? In what format are they stored?

Thanks in advance.


Probably in /data/data/com.brave.browser, but you need root access to view it.

Thanks, Wiggly. I feared that might be the case. And I don’t have root access. I don’t get it - the bookmarks are my bookmarks. They will be of no interest to anyone else. But I am unable to access my own bookmarks. Where’s the logic in that? (rhetorical question).


You can retrieve them by syncing to the desktop version and then exporting them from there.

Hi Wiggly

Thanks a lot for your reply.

When I tried doing just that a couple of days ago, Brave sync was not working. Do you know if this has been rectified?


Brave is currently rewriting how they sync between browsers. I don’t know if you can get into the flags to turn it on on Android or not though.

Hi cynical13

Thanks for that. I’ll check it out.


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