Brave Bookmarks Backup for old system

Hey guys,

My hackintosh’s motherboard stopped workin all of a sudden. I just finished assembling a new one but I can’t find a way to get access to my old bookmarks and info.

I thought that brave stored that sort of information on some cloud thing so I never truly worried about making backups of my bookmarks.

I still have access my previous system hard drive, but I can’t access the system itself (High Sierra) because it’s not supported by my actual CPU (intel 10th gen).

I have a lot of articles and important pages stored on my bookmarks and I’m hoping I can find a way to do it. That said:

  1. Is there any way for me to access my brave bookmarks online (I’ve read people saying it cant be done, but just double checking it)

  2. Is there any way for me to find my bookmarks in my system’s hard drive?

  3. I can open the brave app from my old System in the new one but it doesn’t load any bookmarks or data from it. Is there a way for me make that happen?

Thank you in advance for the information

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