Brave Bookmark Extention Built in but External able


Hey there,

it Just dawned on me about what Brave can BRING BACK From browsers and years back… back when Netscape was the FIRST Browser (YES GANG I DATE BACK TO THE YEARS OF DOS 3.3 upto 6.0, Windows 95, 98 (with cd extention ) and XP. even windows 2000, thats late 80s through 90s BEFORE THE PUBLIC INTERNET) NETSCAPE Had this tool, as it was getting exposure and new versions, it had an external Bookmark Tool (something I DONT SEE ANYMORE BUT WANT BACK!!!)

DEVELOPERS STOP BEING MORONS AND EXPAND THE FEATURES OF THE BOOKMARK TOOLS OF OLD… YES I SAID IT you want brave to be the best… add more make 1 of the most used desired feature by your common user better dont go back to the days of just firefox or chrome or ie… (many may forget the ORIGINAL IE Was NOT Created by Microsoft., THEY Had lost a lawsuit and then bought the browser) it was netscape and yes dare i say AOL the ORIGINAL BROWSERs… (unless you are an OLD Fart, you wouldn’t remember or know this… and i am an intermediate NERD!!! :P)


Through these last 5 years or more ALL Browser see all history/bookmark list ARE BUILT INTO THE BROWSER AND ADDITIONAL TAB) bring back an external feature window where you can do the same stuff AND MORE like AUTO SORT With Moving ALL FOLDERS TO THE TOP FIRST, Then single Bookmarks below)

Make the window able to be side by side with the browser, (i still want an EXTERNAL Bookmark Stand alone window and history)

allow a function ability where you give the option to have the bookmarks on the right side From top to bottom (like the chat functions or say facebook or similar social media (a rare idea i can work with)

Allow multiple PINNED FOLDERS so they CAN NOT MOVE
Netscape allowed as i said Auto sort with moving ALL Folders AT THE TOP
ADD A Feature Netscape COMMUNICATOR Had (think Version 5 or 6 Which had BOOKMARK PAGE (VERIFICATION so we the user can at times make sure that web address still exists, and in doing so, ALSO ADD a DELETE Bookmarks of Verified But NONEXISTENT SITES) i addition to your standard delete select/unlselect Select marked bookmarks (and folders and bookmarks INSIDE)

i keep yapping about auto sort and pinned bookmarks and auto moving/sorting folders to the top, because manually doing it takes forever

and wen you have used the internet for ages and various browsers and websites through the years, you add so many bookmarks and then IMPORT THEM TO The Browsers you use INCLUDING BRAVE)

this is where the bookmark verification and delete tool comes in very handy, plus auto sort
ALLOW A PRINT BookMarks (With website and title page) for both FULL Bookmarks, Print Selected Folders, Print Selected Bookmarks, I Have NEVER EVER seen this feature for bookmarks but maybe 1 time… (btw, there is 2 shareware FREE Print Tree programs i know of that allow you to print your harddrive folder/file list with size (even allows you to give how many levels deep to print, say just 2 levels no files etc)) so doing the same for a bookmark list should be maybe similar :slight_smile:

Save AS .cvsx File (for excel and easy to see in a MULTIPLE ROW/Colum Table List (all export features put the data in 1 column )
or other cvs file formats…

now before i forget, because i see a few users say they want the bare minimum for other reasons, that should be simple (2 different browsers same version, 1 for more developers and bare minimum users, and then the bells and whistles users SAME VERSION, (why, because it makes it easier for your developers and us to identify the brave browser version for bugs… if you want to know the difference according to user… then simply use say BW (bells and whistle at the end of the version)

Catch ya Later