Brave blocking webpage colors

So I started having an issue with all colors from all websites/webpages being blocked. I suppose that’s the way to describe it…??

Website that before a few days ago that had color to them, are now completely white.

I don’t even have the ability to turn on “dark” mode on any websites/pages.

Another thing I noticed this morning on my own page…the images of my logo on my site are being blocked?

I’ve turned on the “dark” modes in settings. No workie.

Anyone else experiencing this?

If so, any suggestions to fix this? This is aggrivating…


Here’s a side-by-side example of Amazon on Chrome and Brave.

Notice even the Amazon logo is missing, but you can still see “smile” portion of the logo, but the name Amazon is missing.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Here’s another example. This time it’s Reddit. Brave is blocking the colors and showing wireframes.

FYI dark mode is on in both browsers

I assumed you’re on Windows with “High contrast” enabled?

Very interesting. I turned off High Contrast, which I’d never heard of, and the screen returned to normal.

However, that begs the question: High Contrast has been on the last couple of years on this laptop and I never had the problem before, so what changed in the last couple of weeks? Also, why did it only affect Brave and not Chrome?

Anyway, thanks for pointing that out to me!

Can you try the solution here and see if it’s work? Home page and webpages not rendering correctly - #10 by Mattches

Note that we also have an open issue to capture data/address this here:

I’ve added this report to the issue for the developers to review as well.


Thanks for replying, eljuno.

Yes, I have tried that option. It didn’t work.

I believe Mattches has correctly identified on ongoing issue with Brave. Maybe the dev team will address this issue soon.

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