Brave blocking Rumble Player again

Looks as if Brave is blocking the Rumble Player from appearing on this link
Turned shields off and refreshed does not fix the issue. V1.36.116

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works fine for me on android. can’t check desktop right now.

@Nightcrawler72 loaded for me right away. I have shields on and running everything on the same version. Are you using any extensions like uBO? Sometimes they can cause some minor conflicts. I’m kind of curious if you have something like that going on?

Does the video show towards the bottom? Thats where the video is

Works for me. Are you on a VPN? Maybe Rumble is blocking whatever IP you’re using.

hmmm, not sure what else it could be. I don’t have VPN connected at the moment and I dont use any other adblockers.
Works on my android, so it’s definitly in this desktop

Yeah, but what about Extensions? I guess main thing I’ll tell you is to default the basic troubleshooting steps.

  1. Open in New Private Window and test it. If it works, then it suggests that one of your extensions is the issue. If that’s the case, go to Extensions and turn off the toggle for each one. Then go to the site and try, then turn on one at a time, revisiting the site until it stops working.

  2. If you try the above and it doesn’t work, go to your hamburger menu in top right and go to Create a new profile. If it works there, then it says that it’s a setting somewhere in your browser that you’ll need to figure out.

When I say extensions, it can be anything. There was one a while back that someone had a translation extension that broke some websites. There’s a lot of little ways that simple little code can run interference and break things.

If neither of those work, we can try things like toggling Hardware Acceleration and all that stuff, but I’m guessing/hoping one of the above two will lead to a resolution.,

Will give it a try, wont be able to try tonight, but thank you for the info

Anything enabled in brave://adblock ?

Regarding rumble, we only block the tracker ping from the embedded plugin. This won’t stop the video from working, only prevent trackers.

I found some code in the box on the very bottom of the page. Looked like cutom info. Deleted that and the page now works as it should.
Thank you all for the help on this issue… :fist_left:

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