Brave blocking (amiga) exe files from downloading

hi guys

currently trying to download EXE files from pouet (an amiga demo site) braves blocking them with no way to whitelist,also FTP seems broken? or is FTP not a useable thing in chromium anymore?

some example:

any ideas?

brave ver: V1.38.109** (Apr 27, 2022)

great browser,and thanks for all the work :wink:


@ted2 Try downloading from a private window.

If it is working, then one your extensions might be the problem.

thanks for the suggestion cereal,sad to say it didnt work.i also tried shutting off all antivirus and vpn as well;same problem.

interestingly enough i found if i copy the URL into a new window it’ll download,but just clicking on the link does nothing,very strange.

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