Brave blocked by cloudfare

Can someone check and or forward this to developers.

Why is Brave being blocked by this website

If one clicks on more info one gets top acloudfare suppoprt page.
We toalkd to theior team, that is online support and got this:

Kody Jackson [email protected]
Tue, Jan 23, 3:37 PM (8 days ago)
to cloudflare/cloudflare-docs, me, Mention

Howdy @sebatrino, understand the frustration on your end… but there’s nothing our team (as a docs team) can do for this request.

Your best first bet would be to check out the details we provide on browser support.

If that doesn’t help, you might want to reach out in the Cloudflare Community or Cloudflare Support.

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We did both Cloudflare Community or Cloudflare Support they dont give a shi* its like not their fault its the website that blocks brave which is funny since the more info link leads straight to their cloudfare support.

Find someone who’ll contact this geniuses and let them, know what is going on here.-
There is no way to reach anyone on the blocked website since they dont have a support and so probably have no idea what is going on.
We have no problem reaching any other website regardless of which cloudfare protection it uses.
It is just this one and this one is probably the biggest supplier of stuff people are looking for.
There have been others who reported similar problems with zero result from the cloudfare support.

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