Brave blink out of the screen regularly after 3 last updates


Phone: Xiaomi Redmi 2
Android: Kitkat
Brave version: I don’t know, but I see this:

  • Updated to Chromium v58.0.3029.83.

My problem: Every time I opened the browser, without knowing why, the browser blinked out of my screen. There’s no pop up saying the browser has stopped or such, just suddenly poof, vanished out of the screen.
I tried to look for the cause, but I really can’t even imagine what cause this problem.
Some facts about the browser and my phone:

  • The browser could get this problem inconsistently, one time it was after 30 minutes of using time and other times it blinks out after 5 minutes of using. One time it crashed after I opened 8 tabs, another time I only opened 1 tab and it vanished from my screen.
  • My phone ROM is 8gb and I always keep minimum 1,5gb free
  • No other browser crashes on my phone. Not even the super heavy chrome. But I love this adblocker browser so much I can’t switch to another browser.


Hi @Deneb_Ien,

I’m trying to reproduce this and I was wondering if you could provide some additional details. Here are a couple of questions I have:

  • Are you switching between the tabs often?
  • When you say 30 minutes of using time or 5 minutes of using time, are you using Brave the whole time or are you switching between other apps on your phone?
  • Do you have a large amount of bookmarks?
  • Do you have any additional details that might help me to reproduce?


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