Brave Beta Review


I love the new features in Brave Beta compared to Brave stable.
Almost everything was fixed that I was talking about in my last two discussions ( To Be My Perfect Browser - 9 Requests For Addon Solutions and Adding an addon in Brave is far too complicated! ).

I have only a few issues that maybe of some use to someone somewhere:

  1. Those discussions were closed down too soon so that I couldn’t respond there. Thus I feel compelled to start this one. Perhaps it’s simply fast housekeeping or it’s propaganda/public relations sweeping problems down the memory hole to erase criticisms. Regardless it was a little annoying.

  2. I love the Brave Beta with MASSIVELY expanded capabilities with addons. I have not tested all the things I ‘complained’ about previously but I’m MUCH happier - especially with my ability to have tree-style-sidewise-sidebar-tabs. However, the Chrome addon Sidewise hasn’t improved any that I can see in way over a year (last time I used Chrome) and it has SERIOUS issues. If Brave could solve these or create their own vertical tab and session system they would gain massive users. There is another pay-to-play vertical tab addon that I haven’t used. This issue isn’t necessarily Brave’s fault, but it may be the cause of my next issues.

  3. This is a double. I’d been using Brave heavily much yesterday then left Brave open over night. I was using it today a little. I’d downloaded some images of movie posters, then I tried to drag and drop from the URL bar to a folder to make a URL file in a folder with the movie posters, to get back to later. But Brave froze on me. I didn’t get one bookmark/URL file made. All of Brave was frozen. I minimized it and tried to restore it to no avail and many patient measures, so I killed it and restarted. This has never happened before. I don’t know if it’s a thing or a freaky anomaly. Brave is working fine now but it did crash my Windows Explorer. Maybe that was my problem, maybe it was caused by Brave.

  4. When I restarted Brave my Sidewise had saved my session but restarted with all tabs asleep with a “New Tab” open in a new window. I don’t mind that. I had 3 windows open on my 3 monitors, and “woke” a sleeping tab in each. It was at this point that I had a problem. Each tab woke on my center horizontal monitor maximized to full screen. I un-maximized them and they remained at the full size but I could drag them to my left and right vertical monitors - but I couldn’t reshape the windows. However, I found a work around. On the left and right monitors I maximized the window then un-maximized the window and all was back to normal. My center monitor was still a problem as Sidewise occupies a sliver of the monitor on the side. That Brave window can maximize and un-maximize but the window shape is locked. The solution = drag the oversized window to the left vertical monitor, change the size and return to the center horizontal monitor where all is well again. I don’t know why this occurs. Maybe it means something, maybe not. Seems like a glitch to me.

  5. Regarding YouTube downloading (forbidden by the Google and YouTube overlords of censorship and non-freedom of information) I found a solution that I feel a little embarrassed that I didn’t know about before (only because I had everything I needed in the old pre-Quantum Firefox that now bows to Google). YOUTUBE-DLG is not the simplest of downloading apps, but it is robust and very flexible, based on the opensource command line version called YouTube-DL and the extra “G” is for the GUI graphic user interface build on top. If you want to batch download or simply download the YouTube video with more information as I do, including more than just the title, such as Author, Date, Resolution, Video ID#, etc. YouTube-DLG is NOT an addon for any browser (YET?!) but it is a very powerful stand alone opensource utility.

  6. I haven’t extensively tested the Brave Beta bookmarks. They imported well enough from the old stable Brave version. The bookmark manager was abysmal there, and I still don’t know about the Beta version. However, and this may seem like a little thing, but to someone who doesn’t use Bookmarks as much as I use URL files, this was big for me… If you were to go to List of hyperboloid structures - Wikipedia and drag it from the URL bar to your Windows 7 desktop or a Window Explorer folder somewhere in regular Brave, I had to change the name of the resulting file from “List_of_hyperboloid_structures” to the way it SHOULD have been “List of hyperboloid structures - Wikipedia”, just like almost every other regular browser. I don’t know why but the Brave Beta works properly, as it should, but it’s a huge improvement to me personally, as far as my use of Brave goes.

  7. I don’t know if it is Brave or Sidewise, (I think it’s Brave, old and Beta), but there is an auto-hibernate of tabs that works much better on Brave than any other browser experience I’ve had. I tend to open a LOT of tabs working on projects and without some resource management before you know it your system gets locked up - except in Brave. However, because Brave doesn’t have vertical tabs I haven’t really had a chanced to really test this out properly. So unless there is better vertical tab management than Sidewise, even Brave Beta is just a clone of Google Chrome to me.

  8. One last thing. Perhaps it is because I don’t have a lot invested in Brave (ie. an archive of bookmarks, or vast volumes of vertical tabs that profoundly prefer to bookmarks) and my Brave ‘footprint’ is light, or maybe it’s because it’s simply a fast loader - for whatever reason, I have Brave as my “default” browser so that it loads quickly and I can shut it down quickly. Also it’s not a corporate monopoly Google or Microsoft product. As far as real usage goes, I use Brave, Vivaldi, K-meleon, and recently Firefox again. After a year since Quantum and Firefox still isn’t 100% and now Vivaldi offers many unique features but because none meet all my needs I float between these four, depending on my needs. I don’t trust censored corporate Chrome. A couple years ago I got some malware in Opera and never went back. I’ve tested others but they all lack. Sometimes I feel like we’re being herded into conformity like the lies of democratic politics. Any colour Ford you like, as long as it’s black.

  1. This should have been left as the last reply to your thread and is likely my fault for forgetting to include it:


By this logic, it seems like you’re implying that if a browser doesn’t have a vertical tab system then its basically Chrome. There are a hundred different reasons that separate Brave from Chrome that would come before “not having a vertical tab management system”. So much so that I’m not entirely sure how you arrived at this claim. More differences between Brave and Chrome here:


Not exactly sure where you’re going with this?


“This topic will close 2 months after the last reply.” = Why not just leave it on autopilot?

By my statements, I said “to me”, as in, by my perceptions, it seems like a Google Chrome clone, more or less. I don’t know what’s going on under the hood. They could be completely different. I don’t know. And I don’t know all the functionalities yet that might matter to me. But how I use it, and because I’m stuck with the limited Sidewise as a vertical tree-style tab system - I don’t perceive much of a difference. Google Chrome provides basic functions like most browsers, and then there’s the Chrome store - same as but different.

I don’t expect everyone to use as many tabs as I do nor rely on hierarchical vertical tabs. But I certainly know there are a lot of us that do. And whichever browser masters these functions will certainly win devotees. How many I couldn’t say. There are a lot of users of Vivaldi, Sidewise, Tree-Tabs, and the other similar addons.

Lastly, I was praising Brave for its light footprint, fast start and close, and I use it as my default browser. There is the caveat that I don’t use it for heavy lifting (lots of tabs) because it doesn’t seem to have a solution for that. I also threw in my 2 cents on all the other browsers, some of which I still use for other features. I’m very interested in where this will all go. My criticisms may sound negative but they are meant to be constructive and honest. I genuinely hope for the best in Brave and really want more alternatives to succeed. I don’t mind switching browsers for different tasks. (It might even be nice to be able to sync bookmarks and tab sessions (with folder hierarchies) between the different browsers.) I share my ideas in hopes they may help. If you still don’t know where I’m going with this, I don’t either.


Update to my window resize frozen issue:

Correction: It’s not resolved by moving a frozen window from my center horizontal monitor to one of the vertical monitors. All monitors have the frozen window size unable to resize and for all monitors, including the center monitor, a work around solution is to minimize each window then restore each window, then each window may be freely resized as normal.

I can’t say why this bug occurs, but I hope you can address it - if you haven’t already. I just got notice and I’m about to install the latest update.


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