Brave Beta + Release - Parallel usage

Good day,

I’m wondering if it is recommended to install and use both versions in parallel. The main question is: Is their use completely sandboxed/shielded from the other version’s access? - (I’m a MacOS user)

More specific questions are:

  1. Does their settings interfere with each other? (without using sync).
  2. Is the cache, history and other usage data available to each other?
  3. Similar as above: What about extensions data and access, are those available to each other?
  4. Is there anything in terms of privacy and usage that must be taken into account before installing both and use them in parallel?

Context: I want to use the Release version as my default and everyday browser. And the Beta version for work. I use MacOS.

An official answer from the Brave team would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

I think its posible to use them. I already do on my windows and they work fine. No, as for me, the data isn’t shared or duplicated among the other installations unless you enable brave sync and pair it up.

Not sure. I guess, only thing would be that you aren’t installing to earn more BAT as that could be seen as farming.
@Saoiray Do you have any clarifications ?

Not necessarily recommended. Just need the one version. Though you can run Nightly or Beta as well if you just want to get something of a sneak peek at some of the features to come.

Kind of. They are supposed to be but I did notice issues that I reported a while back where Shields settings were replicated across versions even though they shouldn’t have. It’s been a while since I tested, so not sure if they fixed that or if it’s still the case. Overall, each profile should be different from each other, including profiles in different versions of the browser.

I rarely use Nightly, so haven’t messed around enough to feel confident on an answer. Just would say they are supposed to be isolated and I think, for the most part, they are.

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