Brave Beta quickly locks computer when closing a tab

Brave Beta quickly locks computer when closing a tab. No messages displayed. Computer fan goes full on(very loud) at which point the machine is dead

**The only thing I have to note is it seems to happen when closing a tab. I usually have multiple tabs open. **

this happens so fast I can’t do anything to interrupt the crash. I tried to start a terminal but it just blinks. once the fan goes full on its game over, it literally takes 3-5 seconds

tab should close

did it twice today (2/5) and it has been happening on and off the past week or so

Version 1.63.141 Chromium: 121.0.6167.139
(Official Build) beta (64-bit)
hardware is a System76 Gazelle with all available updates applied
OS is Pop_OS 22.04
Hardware acceleration is off

I will try Brave, not the beta, and see what happens

Tested Brave (not the beta)
Version 1.62.156 Chromium: 121.0.6167.139 (Official Build) unknown (64-bit)
Hardware is the same as original report
closing browser with multiple tabs will cause browser to crash and lock computer. I opened system monitor and was able to briefly see something about system crash handler and gpu flash on system monitor when I end the brave process. I have to act fast as the crash of brave will lock the computer very very quickly. By using system monitor I can do more experimentation without having to restart the computer.

If you go to brave://crashes, do you see these crashes being logged? If so, can you please share with me the crash report IDs for those crashes so I can have the team take a look?

Thank you

Glad to, here is the most current crash report id f3350d00-dba3-700b-0000-000000000000.

There are more crash reports if you wish to see them.

I have discovered that both brave(1.62.156) and brave beta(1.63.146) exhibit the same behavior. If I close either browser with multiple tabs open (even if they are just new tabs) the crash happens and I have to end process or kill process to prevent a, very quick, system stop. No messages are presented at any point in the process. As I said in my submission my System76 Gazelle fan is great but when it goes full on its loud so I have a canary in the coal mine so to speak. My System76 gazelle is running Pop_OS 22.04 (most current, fully updated) which allows for multiple graphics modes (I have both an intel graphics card and a Nvidia graphics card in the machine) so I can choose Internal(intel), Nvidia, hybrid or integrated. System76 recommends integrated which I was running when the problem started, which was maybe a week, week and a half, ago. I switched to hybrid today but it didn’t make any difference. Both the browsers are customized in terms of options but I don’t have any extensions running. I have had to disable shields for some sites I use but that does not seem to be relevant, the crash happens regardless of where the tabs point. It seems to be linked to multiple tabs. I am going to test to see if it happens with 1, 2, 3 or more open but I suspect that anything greater than 1 is going to trigger the crash.

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Yes, please send reports for any crashes that have occurred in the past 3 days.

Thank you

Brave Beta





I have had one instance of the issue using Brave, normally I use Brave Beta, but as I said I have to power down/up the machine to recover and it appears there are no crash reports in Brave. I am continuing to experiment with Brave, while using Brave Beta, and if it crashes again I’ll send a report. I will note that there are two things that occur and they might mean something to you. When I close the browser with three tabs open to different sites the browser page starts to ‘jitter’. Its not major jitter but the screen sort of vibrates a little and I get a pop up asking if I want to close all tabs. I have to click twice on close all to shut the browser section down. The first click sort of greys out the close all button, I then have to click on the close all again to actually shut down the browser completely.

I’ve passed these along to the team and yes, please share the crash reports from the stable version as well.

Thank you

I am not ignoring this, the ‘problem’ is neither brave beta or brave have crashed since I put on an update last week. I am not complaining just wanted to let you know I appreciate your work on this as it WAS a major problem for me and I REALLY REALLY don’t want to go back to firefox.

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Thank you for the update — please let us know if the crashing starts again.

I can crash Brave Beta at will now. All I have to do is click on ‘provide additional details’ in a crash report and it will crash brave beta immediately when I try to login to github. I have sent several crash reports from today. I can’t provide additional details obviously as I can’t login to github. Also if I go to this URL which is a sweepstakes site and attempt to login (which I have done many many times) it immediately crashes brave beta. So going to a site works fine its when I try to enter my email address for login it crashes.
Also I can’t seem to set ‘normal’ brave to my default. I click on set default browser but there is no response. I think until I can get this problem sorted out I need to switch back to Brave which is working fine.

Current level of Brave Beta is
Version 1.64.74 Chromium: 122.0.6261.43 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)
Crash reports uploaded

I have tried a number of things to get Brave set as my default browser. Eventually went into Pop_OS settings for default application which seems to have reset the default browser to Brave. I did crash Brave again by shutting down Brave with a many tabs open. No crash report was generated but I was able to get some screenshots (attached) to show Brave was basically driving many CPU’s to high usage and eating memory like crazy. I eventually had to do an end process on Brave before it locked the system…it did not happen nearly as quickly as it did when I first opened this ticket.

Thinks I have tried to make Brave (not Brave Beta) my default browser: None of which worked when using Brave settings. For Pop_OS users the answer seems to be use Pop_OS settings/default applications/
to set the default browser. I looked at MANY forums and did not see this as a fix…which is quite puzzling. I see a ton of problems with setting the default browser in windows systems but I did not see this as a fix on any Pop_OS forum. Not sure how Brave settings interacts with the OS and I do get that the OS supersedes but Brave should pop a message of some sort if it can’t set itself as default. At this point I can click on the set default in Brave settings and it appears to do nothing…no message no change in the screen at all, this should not be the default behavior for something that does not work IMHO.

reinstalled Brave Beta using synaptics package manager
uninstalled Brave Beta using synaptics package manager and then tried to set Brave as my default
reinstalled Brave using Pop Shop(I am using Pop_OS). I did not get a pop up asking if I wanted to make Brave my default browser. Tried to set Brave as default.

Currently passing on the crash reports you’ve provided to the team — to be clear though, the way the browser is crashing now is different from the way it was crashing when you initially reached out, right?

Well, honestly I am not entirely sure, there has been too many incidents. My best recollection is that it has always happened when I closed Brave with a lot of tabs open. In the beginning it would lock the computer up almost immediately. This last time it was, this is hard to describe, just sort of jittering while it was trying to close the browser down. I was able to jump into system manager and get a couple of screen shots but what you could not see was it was chewing up memory very very quickly. I was able to do a end process from system manager right after I took the screen shot I sent you. I would have thought it should have been releasing memory but it was doing just the opposite. Now why was I trying to close the browser down you must be thinking. It was because whenever I tried to enter my email address to enter a contest (don’t laugh its HGTV and its for a 2 million dollar house in FL :wink: it would crash the tab but not the whole browser instance. Weird I thought but at least it wasn’t crashing the whole machine. Anyway I’ve done the exact same thing over the last couple of months without any problems. I thought I would shut down the browser session and restart it. That’s when the trouble started. I did not close each tab before stopping the browser, perhaps I should have. Joel

Update. Ok I went back and screwed around until I found the problem that resulted in my previous note. Using Brave Beta (Brave works fine), if I go to this URL and attempt to fill out the registration form (with shields up or down) the browser session, and all those tabs(see screen print attached), will immediately crash. I don’t even have to press enter. I tried turning off scripts but then the form does not appear. So, yes, the original problem was the computer would crash when I tried to close Brave Beta with multiple tabs open. This problem is different in that it does not crash my computer, it just closes the browser session and all the tabs open in the session.

Darn, I apologize, I wanted to send in this crash report reference and forgot.
Also, on Saturday I deleted Brave Beta and re-installed the most current version but it made no difference.

Version 1.64.74 Chromium: 122.0.6261.43 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

This is actually good news. The crash you’re seeing when trying to fill out that (or any) form is likely related to this:

Once that fix is pushed into release (looks like it will be part of the next browser update) you should be good to go.

That is good news, Thanks

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