Brave Beta Now Available!

Brave Beta is here! :tada::tada:

Taken from the official announcement from Brave

Today we’re releasing the first beta version of our upcoming Brave 1.0 browser for testing on our new Brave Beta Channel. This beta is a work in progress for developers and users who would like to see our latest advances. On September 6th, we released the first developer version (0.55) of Brave 1.0 on the Brave Developer Channel, and we’ve integrated the feedback that many of you have provided for Brave Dev into this first beta.

We’d like to encourage users to test this beta and share their impressions as we gear up for the general availability of this new browser. For developers who would like to file issues, please post them here:

We’d also love to hear from users in our Community forum to discuss your feedback about Brave Beta features and performance, so please reach out.

A couple reminders:

If you need support or would like to provide feedback about the Beta release, pease post all support requests in the Beta Builds section here in Community:

  • Use the Feedback category to leave (constructive) comments or concerns about Beta

  • Use the Support category to report a bug, note strange/undesirable behavior, or troubleshoot issues

  • Use the Broken Extensions category to list any extensions not functioning properly.

New Features and Changes in Brave Beta (some were included in dev version but have been improved):

  • Private Browsing with Tor support (This is an early implementation still undergoing leakproofing, so users should not rely on it for serious use yet).

  • Widevine support on Windows and on macOS (Linux is on the way).

  • New design elements and UI differentiations from Chromium (Brave Shields menu inside the URL bar on the right; bookmark bar on the left; URL bar centered and smaller; differences in tab shapes and colors; different light theme, plus dark theme can also be set).

Present in Developer build but improved in Beta:

  • Extensions are installable by default (As always, users should only install trusted extensions. We currently maintain 3 levels of support: “Allowed and vetted,” “Allowed and unvetted” (for which we give an extra warning), and “blocked.” The blocked list is empty but we plan to add unsafe extensions there in the future).

  • Ad blocking is more efficient, as it’s done on the network thread.

  • Regional ad blocking is enhanced with auto-selection of the region.

  • The highly-requested dark theme is supported. Both light and dark themes are built into Settings.

  • Users can import browsing history, bookmarks (or favorites), saved passwords, and cookies from the current version of Brave, as well as Chrome and other browsers. Brave Stats can also be imported from the current version of Brave.

Why are you still here? Go get it! :tada: :tada: