Brave Beta & Nightly both shut down immediately after starting browser

Beta is updated, at least I think it is. I have been using it as my daily browser for a few months. Windows 11. I click on the icon on my taskbar, and something flickers on my screen as if a program is opening, but then the flickering stops and then I see that brave is still not opened up. This happens both with Beta and Nightly.

FWIW, I just installed brave release and it is working ok. Its just strange that two versions of Brave would stop working for me in the same exact way.

I just uninstalled Beta & then reinstalled it, and the problem persists.

At this point, if nothing else, I’d just like to be able to copy my passwords.

Does anyone know what files my passwords are located in? I was able to go into my beta profile and move my bookmarks over to my new Brave release profile, but the other thing that is important for me is passwords. I see several login files, but don’t know which ones I need.

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