Brave Beta keeps logging out

On Most recent update v1.26.47 a new bug found in Android Brave Beta,
After logging in multiple times on various platforms like ( Brave Community, Twitter, Gmail, etc) Brave Beta keep logging me out every time and save password also getting erased every time on opening browser…
Example :
1st time i opened browser logged in and save password.

2’nd time when I opened browser automatically logged me out and password got erased.

It’s Feels annoying logging again & again :smiley:

Did you have “Clear on exit” enabled? Go to Brave shield & privacy > Clear browsing data.

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Ya, that was enabled, but I don’t turn it on intensely, after an UPDATE it turn on automatically,
That wasn’t BUG :sweat_smile: , I thought after new Update a new bug :beetle: came,
My Bad!
Thanks a lot!

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IIRC this setting enabled by default when user upgrade their Brave. I’ve log an issue to have this setting disabled by default to avoid user confusion.

Thanks for the confirmation and I’m sorry for any inconveniences.

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