Brave beta issues will mean Firefox for me sorry

I have used countless web browsers over the years and have high hopes for Brave which I tried out over a year ago. However the beta at the time had some problems one of which was the inability to hand notifications from YouTube. I happen to notice that the current Beta of Brave has an option so I installed it.

The YouTube notifications work however it is causing several issues on Windows10 1903 and1909.

One of which was the NTP not populating on a 1903 system with site icons. This necessitated having to do a complete uninstall and reinstall of Brave and configure all of the extensions that I use on a Chromium-based browser.

I discovered an issue on the 1909 machine with Amazon PrimeVideo stuttering/pausing. This necessitated disabling the extensions one by one only discover none of them were causing the issue. The pausing is due to Malwarebytes AntiMalware Premium interaction with Brave.

No problem I figured that I would login to Malwarebytes forum and report the issue. That was easier said than done since when I attempted to login to their forums using my existing account was immediately flagged as being blocked due to 3 failed attempts even though I only attempted to login once. During the login process, notification of this action pops up for a second and then disappears. I had to use Firefox to login to report both of these issues to Malwarebytes people neither of which they have seen before.

Sorry Brave Software but the current Brave browser is simply having too many issues for me to make it my default browser on all my systems.

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