Brave beta does not do chat/popups but IE11 does

  1. Description of the Issue

brave does not do the chat popups at this website & others but this is the 1 i’m complaining about

  1. Steps to Reproduce

a. go to
b. wait for crap to load
c. scroll down a bit
d, mouse clik the blue chat blob at bottom right of screen

  1. Actual Result

nothing happens as far as i can tell

  1. Expected result

the chat box should appear

  1. Reproduces Consistently

yes every time at this website & others PEMCO i think you need a login

  1. Brave Version

Version 0.59.8 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

  1. Additional Information

this works fine with IE11 on windows 8

It works with Shields down though.
Not entirely sure why the chat bubble gets blocked though. It may be a case where ads are generated/displayed in the chat but I’m not sure.

I’ll see what I can find out about it, but for now Shields down will at least let you browse the site.

ok here’s another oddity for this bug vs. IE11 windows 8.1

when I go to the website in IE11 and watch the taskmgr network util % it stays around 5.5 mbps for a few cycles which is my max download speed for DSL internet and the webpage shows ok

when I go to the website in brave beta and watch the taskmgr network util % it briefly spikes up to 4mbps then drops back down to 0.something and the webpage has a spinner at the top that keeps spinning and doesn’t show the widget

so with IE11 the whole webpage shows, and with brave beta the webpage sort of shows but the spinner thing is still spinning and doesn’t stop

i also tried with shields off for and then brave beta shows the website, the spinner stops & some graphics show, and the chat blob works too

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