Brave Beta Color Setting


Just started running Brave beta. Smooth…
One clarification needed:
I did choose Same as Windows on Brave colors Setting.
Now, my Windows color setting is set to Automatically pick an accent color for my background. Which by the way it change with my slide show background every minute.
Brave color does not change with Windows, it stay on Dark.


Apologies for late response @utts,

It’s following this color settings (on Win10)



Thanks. I thought so, but then don’t mind me asking, what Brave Dark does differently from Same as Windows?



With “Same as [OS]” theme option, Brave is respect and follow your OS theme automatically. If you have no dark theme enabled for your OS, then “Same as [OS]” will “enable” light theme and vice versa.


OK. Just that as it serves the same purpose of Brave colors (Light or Dark) the option, Same as Windows, seems redundant to me, a little confusing too. But hey this is just me.

It would be different however if it followed the others Windows colors preferences settings:

Again no criticism here just observation and appreciations for a superb browser.