Brave Beta Android - Can’t update as any version beyond 1.8.70 fails to install

I installed Brave Beta 1.8.70 on my Android directly from GitHub when it was released but since then can’t update to any of the other Beta releases and I have tried a number of them. Device is Pixel 4 XL on Android 11. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You’ll have to download the updates and install them manually, I believe, since they were installed that way. Unless you’ve tried manually downloading and applying the updated version?

Apologies I didn’t better clarify that all the subsequent versions were manually downloaded from the Brave GitHub and the attempts to install manually failed.

I see – note that we now offer Brave Beta and Brave Nightly builds on the Google Play store. While you will lose any data that have in your current Beta installation, if you install from the Play store you should get automatic updates just as you would in the stable version.

I am willing to do that if necessary I just was concerned as I’ve seen it mentioned that every user can only have 3 or 4 different installs total and that I have exceeded this between an old device and this one and experimenting with nightly and beta builds. I will give it a shot though! Thanks for your help.

You can have as many Brave installations as you want. The limit only comes into play with the number of browser wallets you can verify/link to one specific Uphold account.