Brave being inconsistent with ads again

I see, thanks for the clarification.

A better option perhaps, may be to automatically disable Brave Rewards whilst a VPN of a different region/country was detected? This would be better than suspending a person’s Rewards account, as we cannot assume this person was doing it maliciously.


I think that’s a great idea. Hopefully the devs will be able to implement it at some point.

Pinging @tmancey for visibility.

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It has been 5 days since I created this thread and still nothing has resolved. Earlier atleast i used to get notification ads, but now even they’re not coming. God knows what happened to brave. So now, apparently I’m completely without ads, no notification, no background.
@steeven @Mattches

Download this pre-release. It fixed ads for me

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This morning my bats in the phone were 0.7 something and suddenly it has become 0.295. And no i didn’t even receive them in uphold acccount or something.
please PLEASE PLEASE look in to it @steeven @Mattches .

HI @chirag_soni_07 thanks for following up. Can you confirm the Brave version that you’re currently using? Above it shows you’re on 1.27.109, have you updated to the latest? Please also confirm the country you’re based in. Thank you! We’ll get to the bottom of this.

From past week I received only 1 add that too 2 days ago , background adds comes but they do not providing BAT what is happening with the brave and past months also adds were very less need help @steeven @Mattches

No, I’m updated,
Version 1.27.111 Chromium: 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)

And I’m in India where I think finally brave came back to normalcy. I’m seeing plenty of ads from 2 days.

@chirag_soni_07 Check if you have any update of brave browser left to do

Brave displays ads for regions that you aren’t paid for. I believe the developers are located in the US, and they don’t really test how it works outside the US it seems like. So you might be shown ads that aren’t for your region, and therefore you don’t get paid.

You can see the ads in your region on Next time you get an ad, check if it’s on that page. If it isn’t, then you suffer from this bug.

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This might be the issue but in my case I check every time if I get paid for ads (LOL).

I found some weird behavior. First before updates I wasn’t getting paid for tabs ads even for once and there was no issue of region. After update I was still facing the same issue but after some time it starts counting the ads and I was getting paid but later it again started to not count tabs ads and I wasn’t getting any bats. However it was the same sponsored ads which I was getting paid before but not now. rip

update:- I tried opening some tabs and I start getting paid. I think the rate of getting paid from sponsored ads is like (8/10).

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@kalleanka this could be for various reasons:

  • vpn
  • there are not active ntp ads – sponsored images – campaigns for your region
  • your device have a wrong region configured in the settings

@Adison ntp ads pays 4/hr , and 20/24 hrs – literally 24 hours –

No, I don’t use a VPN. I have already read that it could cause an issue, and no, I don’t use one.

According to, there are new tab page ads for my region. However, ads for the wrong region are still being shown, that aren’t available on that page.

How do I configure the region?

The region is configured in your device settings. Make sure it matches your physical location.

My wallpaper ads are not being count from many weeks . Initially i thought may be it’s one or two days bug, but it is testing my patience now. Even though I’m seeing wallpaper ads and ads are available in my region but still they’re not getting count . Earlier I was not getting adds(notification adds) but I am getting adds now but not more than 2 or three in a day. My browser is updated and has opted right settings
Need Help!!!

@Chinmay The ads that you see, are they on ? The ads on that page are ones that you should be paid for seeing. However, it might be the case that Brave shows you other ads instead, that you aren’t paid for.

Is there any better timing in india so we get more adds ?
@steeven @kalleanka

There is no best time. it’s just depends on advertisers.
Like if you have many advertisers in your region then you’ll get more ads and if less advertisers then it would be low ads.

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