Brave being blocked by FortiGuard

FortiGuard, which is the filtering service used by Fortinet products such as FortiGate, has categorized Brave as “Proxy Avoidance” and thus has become blocked on a lot of corporate networks that disallow this category.

Other browsers such as Edge and Chrome are categorised as “Information Technology”.

I’ve submitted a request to have this categorization reviewed but it didn’t lead to any change.

Perhaps someone from Brave would like to pursue this?

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@lloydsmart thanks for sharing. I’m sure @Mattches or @steeven may look into things later or pass it along to the appropriate people if there is anything more to be done. That said, I’m assuming part of the difference is that Brave comes with Tor built-in as well as Brave VPN. Both of those would be ways to potentially circumvent proxies.

However, they also would be able to control this on business computers via group policies, such as at

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It seems that Fortinet have now re-categorized appropriately, so this issue is now resolved.