Brave becomes unresponsive randomly



I am not sure what the exact cause of this is… But it happened 3 times today already…
This is what usually happens:
Cannot switch tabs, hit close nothing happens, scrolling does not work… basically unresponsive and I have to force close it with task manager…
Oh by the way, memory usage and CPU usage are all normal, I mean like average apps, not too high or anything.
I am trying to be specific but I cannot find any more information on this.
I am using windows 8.1 with latest brave… (just downloaded today)
(I will try to monitor the situation and I hope I can find the cause or at least a pattern so you guys know what is going on)


Hi @Linusky

We do have an issue logged around this, it can be tracked below:



Thanks! This is basically the exact issues I had. After trying for couple times, I find the unresponsive is closely associated with detaching tabs, merging tabs from separate windows and making new tabs.
I hope I have provided enough information.


that happens to me too, and I’ve been assuming that it’s due to too many tabs open at once, but maybe it’s another issue


There’s actually a couple of issues and topics created in Git and the community as some are facing the issue by moving tabs, some facing the issue from hoarding dozens of tabs, some having woken the laptops from sleep mode to find it working incredibly slow then becoming unresponsive and finally the odd crash which is not as often as the browser completely freezing to the point you have to end task in manager despite curser showing that websites seem to be somewhat functional.

The issues are thankfully being seen to and the correct issues have been logged in Github by the team; I’ve been having these issues for a couple of months now and it finally looks like it may very well be fixed soon. I apologies for not providing the links but it looks like from the milestone they’ll be fixed in the next couple of updates.

I don’t want users to be as frustrated as some users and myself have been in the past when the worst happens, so just to advice anyone that will continue to use the browser which you certainly should, if the worst occurs just enter App Data - Roaming - brave - and copy “session-store-1”. (its the file not the folder)

To my unfortunate, I didn’t know this until recently I read in Git that if you end via task manager or the browser suddenly crashes or is just simply frozen just head over to the App Data area and save the session. If you happen to reopen the browser without remembering to save the session, make sure you copy the file sooner than later because it sort of erases.

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