Brave became French-English in the menus after Update 1.6.1

Good morning, everyone,

Following the update made on the Google Play Store of brave ( 1.6.1 )
Brave has become French-English in the menus and in the options as well, and I think in other parts of the application as well.
Is it possible to fix this bug please?

Thank you very much.

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Hi @Pwd_fw,

Brave detect and follow language that you set for your device. Did you set your phone language to French or English?

If French, maybe some strings is not localized yet. Text that has not been translated will show the English text.

Hi @eljuno

It is well set up in French my phone, because before the update everything was in French, it is when I made the 1.6.1 brave update that the French English bug appeared.

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Thanks for the confirmation. Then this is the case. :point_up: It’s not fully translated to French (for 1.6.1).

Thanks for reporting, @Pwd_fw.
cc @Mattches @Asad @steeven @jsecretan

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Please, it’s a pleasure to have brought this to your attention!
I wish you a very happy holiday season!
And congratulations to the whole team, for the brave work you’ve done.

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